Nominate to the Central America Leadership Initiative

Nominations for Class 17 are now OPEN through December 15th, 2023


Keep in mind CALI’s purpose. The CALI Fellowship aims to strengthen a diverse community of exceptional leaders dedicated to actively addressing ongoing challenges in Central America.

Take Your Time. Nominations offer an initial insight into your candidate, highlighting their values, attitudes, and formative experiences. Present the candidate genuinely.

Do Your Homework. Prior to nominating, conduct comprehensive research on the Fellowship’s prerequisites, criteria, and desired qualities. Carefully assess the candidate’s alignment with the profile description and their ability to participate in all four seminar dates.

Less is More: There are only 24 spots per cohort (four per country). It’s not about the quantity of candidates you nominate but the quality and fit for the mosaic.

Read the FAQs.

What we look for in nominees


  • Location: Reside in Central America.
  • Age: Be between 35 and 45 years old by the end of the year in which the class begins.
  • Language: Fluency in English, both oral and written (readings and seminar discussions will be conducted in English).
  • Commitment: Candidates must commit to fully engage in all aspects of the scholarship and be open-minded to different viewpoints.
  • Seminar Attendance: We expect Fellows to fully participate in all four seminars. Seminar dates are non-negotiable.

What to expect after
submitting a nomination

We are committed to an equitable selection process that centers applicants’ backgrounds and experiences. Nominations will be screened based on objective criteria such as success in the nominee’s field, evidence of entrepreneurial spirit and experience, as well as age. We further evaluate diversity, including various perspectives and experiences, to create a rich cohort. This may involve reaching out to nominators for additional insights. Please note that not all nominees will be interviewed.


Sep. 12th  – Dec. 5th  2023
Nomination Period
Dec. 2023 – Jan. 2024
Review and Referencing
Feb.– Apr. 2024
Short-listed candidates interview period (not all nominees will be interviewed)
May – Jun. 2024
Cohort curation – Mosaic building

FAQs (for Nominators)

Only CALI Alumni who have completed the four seminars of the program can nominate new candidates for the upcoming CALI class.

Nominations for CALI Class 17 will be accepted from September 12th to December 15th, 2023. You’ll receive an email with a nomination link. Please remember that each nominee requires a separate nomination form.

Nominees can be based in any of the following Central American countries: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Fellows’ educational backgrounds vary widely, from no college degree to post-doctoral work. Fluency in English is necessary as the program is conducted in English.

Although there are no specific employment criteria, the majority of each Class comes from the business sector.

Successful nominees are accomplished entrepreneurial-spirited individuals who have already achieved considerable success in their sector.

Yes, please inform your nominee about the nomination and encourage them to complete the application form. It’s crucial they understand the program, its goals, time commitment, and requirements.

Encourage your nominee to authentically engage with the application process, promptly answer communications, and express their unique background and experiences.

Each nominator should provide a unique perspective on the candidate. If multiple nominations share similar information, a supportive email suffices; otherwise, a full recommendation is valuable.

The nominator’s credentials do not influence the selection process. What matters is your ability to provide insight into the nominee’s potential for leadership.

We seek candidates who have achieved significant success and are at an inflection point, ready to make a difference using their platforms. They should be willing to engage authentically and commit to a lifelong impact journey. More information on our selection criteria may be found here.

Leaders unwilling to engage in authentic dialogue and self-examination might not fit the Fellowship’s ethos. Those unable to commit fully to the program’s requirements might also be less suitable.

Yes, there’s an initial screening based on objective criteria. Success in their field, evidence of entrepreneurial spirit and experience, as well as age are evaluated.

We further evaluate diversity, including various perspectives and experiences, to create a rich cohort. This may involve reaching out to nominators for additional insights.

An interview invitation signifies that your candidate has the potential to become a CALI Fellow.

Not necessarily. Factors such as timing, competition, or fit for a specific year could affect the decision. Please remain patient and open to future considerations.

CALI Fellows must commit to four seminars over 22 months, 100% attendance, complete readings, and initiate an impact venture. Lifelong engagement is expected beyond the program.

Commitment to attending seminars and starting a meaningful venture is non-negotiable. The inability to commit to these eliminates nominees for the current cycle.

If the candidate was rolled over from the last nomination period, an update is sufficient. Otherwise, a new nomination is required.

Due to the confidential nature of the process, we cannot share specific information about selection decisions.

Ideally, you should know enough to explain why they are an excellent choice for the Fellowship. Personal connection isn’t always necessary.

This can happen. Many highly qualified leaders may not fit the class mosaic for a specific year or years.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept nominees from other Aspen Global Leadership Network programs.

FAQs (for Nominees)

The CALI Fellowship aims to strengthen a diverse community of exceptional leaders dedicated to actively addressing ongoing challenges in Central America.

Participation in the program is paid for by the CALI Foundation and is free of charge for the Fellows, excluding travel expenses and incidental costs.

The program entails 24 in-person seminar days over 22 months, along with personal preparation time and virtual cohort orientation.

Seminar 1
From Monday, Sept. 30 to Sunday, Oct. 5, 2024

Seminar 2
From Sunday, Apr. 6th to Saturday, Apr. 12th, 2025

Seminar 3
A week TBD between October 2025 & Mar. 2026

Seminar 4
Tuesday, Jun. 2nd to Saturday, Jun 6th 2026

Full attendance is required, and no late arrivals or early departures are allowed. If you cannot commit, consider deferring to when you can attend all sessions.

Seminars are hosted across different locations in Central America and abroad. The third seminar, a global mixer, takes place worldwide.

The mosaic concept refers to building diverse class cohorts from various backgrounds to enhance learning, challenge, and inspiration among Fellows.

References help us gain a more comprehensive view of your leadership from different perspectives.

All information is confidential and used solely for internal consideration.

Yes, you can be nominated again in future cycles.

If your job situation changes, please email us to update. Changes will be considered based on specific circumstances.

Fellows undertake an impact leadership venture during the initial seminar series, marking the beginning of their lifelong commitment to the region.

Ventures are integral to the program, representing action and impact.

Our selection process takes several months. We notify nominators and candidates of the outcome and their status for the following year.

The AGLN is the overarching network for multiple fellowships, connecting leaders globally to enhance their impact on society.

Selected candidates sign a statement of commitment with the CALI Foundation. The document establishes that in case of not attending one of the seminars, you will be required to reimburse CALI the program fee to date (Total program cost is approximately $25,000). The amount is prorated based on your program progress, including the seminar you will not attend. If you choose not to attend a seminar, you will cease to be part of CALI and of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Have questions?

Please visit our list of FAQs and our Nominations Guide.