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"To improve our society, leaders must lead the way. CALI is committed to finding leaders in Central America among people who demonstrate great potential and can go above and beyond. It is very rewarding to see these people improve as leaders and implement important solutions to the social problems facing our society. I believe in CALI and continue to do so, because I have witnessed the success of this great initiative for 17 years.”

Stanley Motta – President of the CALI Board of Directors.

The challenges in the region make our mission and values even more relevant today. Central America needs more and better leaders with strong value foundations who are actively committed, individually and collectively, to confront challenges for the creation of more prosperous, just, and inclusive societies.

Get Involved

There are already 15 classes with 336 Fellows from all over the region who have shared a process of personal transformation and cultivated a unique brotherhood thanks to the vision and support of our allies. They are the backbone of this important infrastructure. Without the support of business leaders, philanthropists and Fellows, the CALI Foundation would not be able to execute its programming with the magnitude of impact it achieves throughout the region.

With a community of more than 3,000 Fellows from around the world, your investment will help leaders turn ideas into action and impact. Only through a collective effort can we build a Central America where future generations can thrive.

Our competitive advantage

Our model differentiates us from other organizations that limit their focus solely to networking, social entrepreneurship, or individual leadership development. Investments in the CALI Foundation act as a force multiplier as leaders broaden their perspective and evolve their values-based practices to improve their environment.

The challenges ahead require us to apply human ingenuity and that begins with strengthening the will to act and the courage of leaders who move beyond personal and professional success to achieve broader impact.

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